Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Stick?

The understatement of this year would be a comment on the weather! At last we have had some decent rain, 50mls over two days, but even that is drying out with the winds that whip across.

At the moment of a storm bird life and animal life disappears from view, apart from Jack the 'Lassie dog' that lives across the way. He takes it upon his undoglike self to stand, high on the mound created from a septic tank sump, and bark at the rain while his long usually well groomed coat attains the status of 'drooping'.

One evening whilst taking rubbish to the bin, and after strong winds had whistled around the eaves all day, I noticed a strange looking piece of gum tree. Not often did a fresh green twig fall to the ground, unless of course the wind was relatively strong. Mmmm ... I stooped to pick up this branch to place it in the bin with the kitchen debris of the day. It was then that I noticed a horde of small ants grouping around this branch. I took a closer look. This branch was not a branch! It was a stick insect!

I will confess that picking up insects is not part of my job requirement on this planet. Calling My Man to the rescue, I managed to persuade him to place it on top of the gas water heater for a photo opportunity.

It is amazing how creatures on this planet disguise themselves to fit into their environment.